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Zodiac Necklace “Cancer”



Adaptable and easily able to fit into many environments Cancer is attached to family even the ideal of it. Given strong likes and dislikes it is the very same thing that guides them to success in the corporate world and the love of money making opportunities. Caring and responsive, Cancer can also be timid and shy so if a person wants to get to know all the wonderful things about aCancer they might hear this request at first : PRY ME OPEN

Product Description

Each necklace is hand made in the USA and attached to a card (in a sealed polypropylene bag) that contains unique and fun information about each zodiac sign.

Materials: gold plated link chain & brass lobster clasp, matt gold plated brass zodiac charm, raw brass rectangle, cadmium and lead free

Measurements: Neck lengths: 18″, Pendant size: 20mm   Lobster clasp: 15 mm   Rectangle: 50mm x 5mm