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Micha Kuechenhoff
Micha KuechenhoffOwner/Designer
Micha Design jewelry can be found in boutiques all over the states as well as at large retail chains such as Nordstrom’s, Free People and Bloomingdale trunk shows.

Born in Berlin, Germany, Micha Kuechenhoff took the plunge and moved overseas to the sunny shores of California 15 years ago, and as the saying goes… sometimes its not the destination that matters as much as the journey one takes in getting there .

Micha’s life long passion and specialty has always been Jewelry design, though it took many years of growing and experiencing life to put that into perspective. One look at her work will tell you as much, from the roads travelled to the final product /destination… thrilling, adventurous and with its own sense of uniqueness that’s Micha Design.

Growing up in Europe, where there is such a great sense of individuality and thanks to her moms constant creative influence, Micha was kept very busy with every kind of craft project imaginable such as taking bottle caps and making brooches out of them, creating hats out of leafs or figurines out of rocks that wore jewelry, and on and on. Micha adopted this perspective as a very young girl and to this day, it is exhibited in her unique jewelry designs which have been described in a vast many ways ranging from Schizophrenic to Architectural.

Now, the last word on a description such as Schizophrenic …before you go running for the hills think more random organization and out of the box conceptual designs, rather then needing a straight jacket. However Micha is always happy to add some amazing jewelry to a straight jacket if you do happen to own one! To each there own and what ever moves you!

Micha feels, there is something for everyone in her designs, with plenty of room for self-expression and passion…two things Micha is not short on… in life and in design.

When Micha first moved to the USA she started out as an owner of an organizing company., where she spent her time arranging and re designing  cluttered rooms into functional spaces. It was during this process, she discovered her love for recycling clients unwanted and broken jewelry and items and to this day she incorporates this ideal as well as new products to design her statement pieces.

From great ideas come great realities. Thus, Micha Design was launched out of her home in San Diego CA. in 2006.

All designs are hand made by Micha Design. Instead of working from a sketch, the materials determine the design. Finding a majority of the treasures from her travels, she uses offbeat materials, like doorknockers, doilies, rope, rusty hardware, and broken vintage pieces to name a few. All are particularly appealing to the designer as they illustrate beauty does come in many forms and proving someone does not have to sacrifice it to be fashion forward and “go green”. Semi precious stones such as Howlite, Coral and Agate also reflect Micha’s love of nature and the environment. One of the coolest aspects to this process is that in the end you will find that, every unique piece you wear has a history all its own.

Now based in Los Angeles Ca, Micha Design jewelry continues to speak for themselves from celebrities that rock the “slightly schizophrenic and highly architectural creations such as Tyra Banks, Fergie (Black Eye Peas), Jessica Simpson, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Megan Fox, Kelly Osbourne, Macy Gray, Giuliana Rancic ( E-News) , Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kerri Hilson …to name a few, to countless blogs and magazine publications such as People Style Watch, Cosmopolitan (Latina), InStyle Online, Nylon, Lucky Magazine, LA Times, US Weekly, XXL ,LA Confidential, 944, Beverly Hills Lifestyle, Vampd, GenLuxe, Krave, Riviera and TV shows like Beverly Hills, The X -Faxtor, Desperate Housewife’s, Kim & Kourtney take on NY, Dancing With The Stars, How Do I look ?, Fashion Star, The Voice  LA Housewife’s, Pretty Little Liar and can also be spotted on  Album covers of JoJo, Kelly Clarkson and Faith Evans.